Monday, December 14, 2009

Mind of the producer...

Hey everyone,

I thought as the producer of the upcoming material I should share a few thoughts with you all.

Well, after 12 months of writing we have 11 songs we're puting down on the next release. Im pumped and excited as hell to get the recording going and so happy to announce Isaac Gibson from The Cold Front is lending his time and talent to the percussive role to the recording. Rehearsals start together next week and recording starts after the new year in January. It's all happening at the moment and i'm so happy with the way the new songs have turned out. Dylan has suprised the shit out of me with some amazing vocal work and got me buzzing to show you guys. It'll be something different, but hopefully a change of wind in the stale storm of metalcore will be well received.

Anyway, once new recordings are done and dusted we're planning to do alot of shows again and get up off the ground, so we might be seeing you all very soon. Have a safe and happy holidays guys and keep watch for more news.



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